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Spark Plugs
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  • Unique design
  • Silver centre electrode. Silver is the best heat and electrical conductor requiring lower voltage
  • Extremely long semi-surface discharge at point of richest mixture.
  • The spark glides along the insulator which is easier for the spark than break through the air gap of a conventional spark plug
  • 360° spark gap. The spark discharge can occur anywhere in 360 degree perimeter of the spark plug tip.
  • No indexing and gapping
  • LGS spark plugs offer faster and better ignition of each cycle resulting
  • improve mileage and fuel efficiency
  • Brisk patented technology – Multi-spark Spark Plugs!!!
  • The only spark plug in the world that produces 3 sparks per ignition impulse!!!
  • Delivers 3 sparks simultaneously per 1 ignition impulse in 360 degree circumference at point of highest fuel/air mixture
  • Note: it is NOT 3 electrode spark plug which only has 1 spark per ignition impulse
  • Silver/Copper centre electrode, 2 auxiliary electrodes on insulator
  • Offers more power, torque, faster acceleration!
  • Best use in high performance and racing engines
  • Silver is the best heat and electric conductor
  • Superb ingnition ability increases engine power
  • Silver requires lower supplied ignition voltage
  • Silver is used for harder to ignite fuels
  • Silver is best to use in LPG/CNG, tuning and racing application
  • Silver has a great resistance to fouling
  • Silver offers more power, faster acceleration, better performance
  • LPG combustion has its unique problems. A lot of scientific studies proved already that the use of LPG as alternative fuel for internal combustion engines is advantageous from several points of view. T
  • The centre electrode is from nickel alloy filled with copper core with high heat conductivity what enables to optimize thermal balance of active parts of spark plug.
  • Perfectly covers engine’s demand at both low speeds driving with prevalence of cold starts and long-running highway driving.
  • BRISK SUPER spark plugs are suitable for use of leaded and unleaded fuel.
  • Covers a wide range of applications worldwide.